Return policy

At Wurban Wear we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. In our view, a good customer is a satisfied customer.
Still not completely satisfied? You can return your order to us without giving any reason. We can exchange your order for a replacement item or we can refund the value of the item. Let us know in advance how we can process your return. The costs of the return shipment are for your own account.



The conditions that apply to the return are:
The item is unused, undamaged and in the original packaging.
The item has not been used or worn.
If the item has been returned to us within 14 days, we will refund the value of the item to the relevant account. Please note: send your return by registered post and with a track and trace code to ensure that your return arrives at Wurban Wear. Always keep the proof of shipment in a safe place. You are responsible for your sent package. Wurban Wear cannot take responsibility for lost packages.


Return procedure

The return procedure consists of the following three steps:
1. Register your return by sending an email to Indicate whether you want to exchange the item or whether you want us to refund the value of the item. Do not forget to mention the order number and make sure that the return shipment meets the above conditions.
2. Print out the return form that was sent with the order confirmation and send it to us together with the item.
3. Upon receipt of the returned item, we will refund the value or send a replacement item. Any price differences will be settled.